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Top 5 HOA Amenities to Enhance Your Community
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Top 5 HOA Amenities to Enhance Your Community

One of the best parts of living in an association is the amenities. The right capital improvements can attract potential tenants and homeowners to your association, and also help all residents feel valued and understand that their needs will be met.

Happy residents are the ultimate goal in every community, so if yours is looking to upgrade satisfaction and enhance quality of life, consider these six HOA amenities that offer serious return on investment for your property.

Swimming Area

Nearly any HOA community can benefit from having a pool added to the property, because swimming is such an accommodating exercise. While some communities may want to avoid adding a pool due to maintenance, it can be relatively easy to line up the right vendor to handle this.

Child Friendly Options

Grandparents and families with young children thrive in HOA communities, especially with the right kid friendly amenities. Installing play areas either indoors or outdoors helps promote a space for the children to get exercise and allows the parents to relax knowing their kiddos are in a safe space.

Clubhouse or Gathering Area

Another popular option is to build an HOA clubhouse, or create an outdoor area that can be used as a place for community get-togethers. Having a space where individuals can gather around the grill or socialize and entertain promotes a sense of community and connection.

Workout Area

With the rising awareness of self-care, individuals are becoming more concerned about getting enough exercise, and a fitness center can help accommodate this. Depending on the property's location, it may also be easier for the residents not to have to drive somewhere to get a workout, and having a fitness center nearby whenever they choose to use it can promote healthier and happier residents.

Pet Friendly Areas

One more consideration is for pets, and in many cases, individuals are looking for properties with dedicated areas for them. With over 67% of households having a pet, it makes sense to add this as an amenity.

Having an off-leash dog park allows the pets to get exercise and run, or incorporating waste stations and pet-friendly hiking trails can help draw in a broader array of residents.

HOA Capital: Exceptional Professionals With Trusted Results

These are just a few popular amenities that you can add to an HOA property to increase the property value and well-being of your residents. If you are looking for HOA lending to help fund your capital improvement plan, contact HOA Capital!

Don't wait to enhance your community over funding issues; message us online or call us at 952-836-9593 today.

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