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Matt, your expertise and knowledge of the many options available for us to secure a construction loan for our condominium was invaluable. We also appreciated your prompt, personal response to the many questions we had during the process. I would highly recommend your services.

Board Secretary - Minnesota

Matt, Thank you so much for assisting with getting my HOA set up with a loan for the concrete replacement project coming up! You made the process very quick and easy for myself (The Manager)! The Board along with myself really appreciate your knowledge and guidance through this process.

Thank You!

Property Manager - Minnesota

Our community is in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have recently been through a major reconstruction project and found ourselves in a position of lacking the funding to finish a critical part of the project. Matt Gassen listened to our problem description and found the perfect solution for our unique situation. This company has been on top of the process and provided every service we required to get the loan in place and get the vote of approval. We hope to avoid the need for a loan in the future, but if we are ever in need again, this is where we will go.Anyone who wants more specifics about our experience is welcome to contact me at jkeen4@cox.net.

Board President - Arizona

From the start my experience with HOA Capital has been top notch. I appreciate the attention to detail and sharing of knowledge and resources.

Property Manager - Minnesota

Matt Gassen was so professional and easy to work with. He's quick to respond and made sure I was kept up to date during the loan process. Thank you Matt!

Property Manager - Arizona

Matt has been instrumental in assisting my associations with securing the best rates and loans out there. His knowledge is remarkable and he is incredibly responsive. He truly has the best interest of my clients at heart. Board Members have tried to beat his rates and they simply just can't. Matt makes getting a loan simple which is refreshing.

Property Manager - Minnesota

Working with HOA Capital is so easy and stress free. Matt is so knowledgeable about everything regarding securing a loan and know how the best rates. The board was so impressed with his knowledge and expertise.

Property Manager - Minnesota