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When you need to secure the necessary financing solutions to cover any repairs, upgrades, or construction needs for your community property, HOA Capital is here to help! With our extensive network of HOA lenders, we’re the local, reputable Twin Cities-based HOA lending matching provider you can count on to enhance your property, as well as its surrounding community.

Contact us today and get started on your next HOA capital improvement project by letting HOA Capital ensure your finances are secure and organized!

What Is an HOA Capital Improvement?

HOA capital improvements are any necessary structural repairs or alterations that are intended specifically to improve the conditions, quality, and overall value of a communal property.

HOA capital improvement projects are not designated to any routine repair or maintenance costs; they’re intended for more extensive reconfigurations, often requiring significant amounts of funding to cover costs.

Essentially, HOA capital improvement projects are any improvements or additions performed on a community property that will enhance the facility or facilities for longer than one year, allowing such repairs to be eligible for tax deductions. At HOA Capital, we strive to provide every HOA board with access to the utmost financial security to perform such long-lasting improvements.

Our goal is to equip all of our clients with a professional lending partner that has the capacity to finance upcoming projects specific to your association's needs.

  • Repainting community structures or facilities
  • Roofing, siding and deck projects
  • Constructing new amenities, such as playgrounds, basketball or tennis courts, swimming pools, etc.
  • Creating more energy-efficient maintenance solutions, such as solar panels or LED lighting
  • Resurfacing or repaving any streets or parking lots
  • Extensions or additions to existing structures or amenities, such as gardens or parking lots

When you choose HOA Capital to prepare your HOA capital improvement plan, you’ll be able to finally financially support your vision for improving your community property’s livability, functionality, and value!

Our HOA Capital Improvement Process

When you enlist our services to gain access to our extensive network of HOA lenders located all across the country, you’ll be able to secure the necessary funding to finance all of your HOA capital improvement project dreams.

At HOA Capital, our goal is to serve as the bridge between gathering the necessary information for the approval in a timely manner and obtaining the best financial package that suits your request.

Increase Value

Making essential capital improvements to your property will only help increase its overall value while also helping reduce all potential maintenance and repair costs later on down the road.

Improve Functionality

The better improvements you can make to your community property, the better living space you’ll be able to provide residents, especially within a better operating, more functional housing environment.

Prolong Longevity

Addressing all of your property’s needs will only work toward extending the life of your building or facilities, providing tenants with an accommodating, inviting living environment that’s built to last.

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Choose HOA Capital for Securing Capital Improvement Funding

Working directly with banks to procure HOA loans for capital improvement projects can be a long, complex, and confusing process. At HOA Capital, we’ll work directly with the banks on your behalf, providing you with a local, direct resource to secure financing for superior HOA capital improvements.

Contact us today to get started on preparing your loan proposal request, or give us a call at 952-836-9593 to speak directly with one of our HOA financial specialists!