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Accomplishing any goal requires thorough, precise planning. At HOA Capital, we’ll work directly with you to proficiently plot out what it takes to secure proper financing for all of your HOA capital improvement projects.

From our custom HOA loan options to our expansive network of HOA lenders, we’ll be sure to develop a financing strategy that specifically pertains to your property and managerial needs. Contact us today to get started on preparing your HOA capital improvement plan!

Why Create an HOA Capital Improvement Plan?

Catering to your community requires doing whatever is in your power to enhance the quality, functionality, and longevity of your communal property. That’s why HOA Capital is dedicated to serving community property owners and managers throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Let us ensure you receive the proper financial solutions to compensate for any essential repairs, improvements, or construction work needed for your facilities!

Working with us to create and implement a proficient HOA capital improvement plan will paint a better picture of how you can better accommodate your community’s needs. It also provides potential HOA lenders with the necessary paperwork and budgeting outlines to influence their HOA loan approval decisions.

We’ll review a variety of factors that will contribute to preparing the ultimate HOA capital improvement plan, including:

  • Defining the differences between a capital improvement and general maintenance
  • A definitive ranking of improvement projects and justification for all proposals
  • A financial breakdown of how funding will be allocated
  • Scheduling and timetables for any construction work
  • Classification, itemization, and rationalization for all project expenditures
  • Take any public or tenant input into consideration
  • Identify the economic importance of completing proposed capital improvement projects

Once we’ve created a clear pathway toward obtaining proper HOA capital improvement funding, we’ll work directly with the banks on your behalf, negotiating until we’ve secured the HOA loan options that best adhere to your financial needs!

Our HOA Capital Improvement Planning Process

Creating a foolproof HOA capital improvement plan requires drafting a thorough outline and proposal of why any major expenditures are absolutely necessary for improving your property and the community it serves.

At HOA Capital, we staff a team of HOA lending specialists who can appropriately analyze your property’s needs and act in your best interests to secure the proper financing necessary to enhance the performance and longevity of your facilities.

Our HOA capital improvement planning process consists of the following.

In-Depth Evaluation

We will work closely with you to review and select which capital improvement projects need to be prioritized, assessing a wide variety of factors and evidence supporting the need for such improvements, ranging from resident safety to energy efficiency to return on investment more.

Financial Analysis

Budgeting, data, projections; our team of HOA funding strategists will overlook every aspect of the finances to your proposed capital improvement project to secure the proper financial solutions needed to adequately fund your property’s improvements.

Proper Preparation

Maps, graphs, timelines – we’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating an extensive, in-depth capital improvement proposal that properly informs and persuades HOA lenders to fund and support your impending project.

Submission & Approval

Once we’ve received your official signature of approval, we’ll get to work right away! We’ll be corresponding with our extensive network of HOA lenders to submit your capital improvement proposal and ultimately gain the approval we need to move forward with completing your project.

HOA Capital Improvement Planning Made Easy

Funding your HOA capital improvement project can be a complicated, challenging process. That’s where having a local, experienced HOA financial planner can expedite the process, allowing you to focus on all your other property management tasks at hand.

For HOA loan assistance, contact HOA Capital and take advantage of our management solutions! Or call us at 952-836-9593 for more information.