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Depending on the type of community property or complex you own or manage, providing your residents and communities with accommodating amenities will not only enrich lives but increase the value of your premises.

At HOA Capital, we specialize in helping clients receive the HOA financial solutions they need to properly fund their capital improvement projects. Whether you’re seeking to construct a state-of-the-art clubhouse or expand upon your existing facilities, contact us today to receive the HOA lending assistance you need to enhance your property!

How HOA Capital Can Aid Your HOA Expansion

Inviting clubhouses, community swimming pools, pet-friendly parks – these are the types of HOA expansion projects that simultaneously unite residents while improving property values.

When you enlist our HOA capital improvement services, you can put yourself in the best position possible to secure proper approval and funding for building the HOA amenities of you and your residents’ dreams.

Our team of HOA financing professionals will be able to assess and project how the market values of your property will enhance once your community receives the greenlight to construct any elaborate or lavish amenities, such as building your property’s very own clubhouse.

To fund your plans for creating more engaging communal spaces, HOA Capital will be able to produce a variety of analytical reporting and assessments that can appease our extensive network of HOA lenders, such as:

  • Identify and determine the overall costs of every element to your expansion construction projects
  • Create a preliminary budget, scheduling, and financing strategies
  • Find customizable long-term loan solutions that best suit your financing needs
  • Produce an intricate financial breakdown of how HOA funding will be allocated
  • Provide accurate estimates on ROI and overall value projections
  • Emphasize the communal and economic importance of completing proposed HOA expansion projects

HOA Expansion Solutions From HOA Capital

Securing proper funding for all your HOA expansion projects can prove to be quite challenging and taxing. At HOA Capital, our goal is to alleviate your financing concerns with our extensive network of HOA loan options. Let us help you expand your property as you see fit!

Contact us today to get started on your HOA loan proposal request, or give us a call at 952-836-9593 for more information.