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Whether you’re dealing with a leaky roof or looking to finally get started on your HOA capital improvement project, having access to fast and efficient funding for improving your property and community is an essential resource. At HOA Capital, we’re proud to offer custom HOA loan options specifically drafted and implemented to suit your community’s financing needs while maximizing your property’s value.

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Why Take Out an HOA Loan?

Whenever your association needs urgent repair work, facility expansions, or maintenance upgrades, covering these unexpected and expansive costs can prove to be quite the challenge.

HOA loans provide immediate financial relief regarding coverage for your HOA capital improvement projects. Plus, they give your association the flexibility to decide which lines of credit will best benefit you and your community.

At HOA Capital, we work directly with banks on your behalf, negotiating with lenders until we find the best match for you. We’ll work out what specific HOA loan options will equip you with the ideal structures, clauses, interest rates, fixed-rate options, tax deductions, and more that most align with your financial goals.

The more financing options you have to choose from, the more opportunities you’ll have to maximize your funding and enhance your community!

Be sure to check out our FAQs to learn more about how our HOA financing solutions can work to your advantage.

Common Types of HOA Loans

HOAs are often limited in terms of where and how they can receive financial assistance. Fortunately, with our expansive network of accommodating HOA lenders, we’ll be able to directly match you with a preferred lender that can adhere to your budget and contractual needs.

We’ll work alongside you and the banks, determining which type of HOA loan is best suited for the type of HOA capital improvement project for which you seek funding.

HOA Capital specializes in the following types of HOA loans. Click to learn more!

Line of Credit (LOC)

This is the HOA loan that’s ideal for associations that need temporary financial relief or immediate compensation for covering unexpected expenses.

With LOCs, you typically only have to pay interest on the funds you actually utilize, and monthly payments can be entirely flexible to adhere to your current financial situation.

Line of Credit With Conversion

This is an HOA loan that works as a LOC during a renovation or capital improvement project but converts into a longer-term loan once a project is completed in order for an association to pay the loan off at a fixed rate over a longer time period.

This comes in handy for associations in need of immediate funding but wish to only pay interest on the initial amount used for the first year of the loan before converting payments over to a set term that’s more long-term oriented.

Term Loans

Longer capital improvement projects tend to require long-term loans. Whether you’re expanding a parking lot or improving structural integrity to your facilities, HOA Capital can procure you Term Loans that will allow you to obtain the most funding upfront while paying off interest and principal from anywhere between three to 20 years.

You can also set your fixed-income rates and monthly payments to accommodate your timeline and budgeting while paying off your debt in a short period of time and dealing with lower interest rates.

Get the Perfect HOA Loan for Your Association

Securing proper financing for your HOA property and community can be a trying process, especially when it comes to making sure you’re signing a contract that won’t drain your resources in the long run. At HOA Capital, we strive to ensure that you only receive the custom HOA loan options that best accommodate your financing needs.

When you’re ready to learn how custom HOA loans can functionally fund your capital improvement projects, contact HOA Capital to get started on preparing your loan proposal request, or call us at 952-836-9593 for immediate assistance.