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HOA Capital provides a suite of resources below for HOA loans, from tools and educational materials that are free for use, to HOA Loan solutions tailored to meet each community's unique requirements. Our goal is to make it easier for your community to access, understand and manage capital for common-area improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Matt, thank you so much for assisting with getting my HOA set up with a loan for the concrete replacement project coming up! You made the process very quick and easy for myself (The Manager)! The Board along with myself really appreciate your knowledge and guidance through this process. Thank you!" 

DaNetta, Property Manager (Minnesota)

"From the start of my experience with HOA Capital has been top notch. I appreciate the attention to detail and sharing of knowledge and resources."

Tiashana, Property Manager (Minnesota)

"Matt's expertise and knowledge of the many options available for us to secure a construction loan for our condominium was invaluable. We also appreciate his prompt, personal response to the many questions we had during the process. I would highly recommend their services."

Ben, Board Member

As a 9-year Association Manager in the Twin Cities, I've come across my fair share of underfunded associations. HOA Capital has quickly become one of my most valuable business partners. Matt's responsiveness, support, background and knowledge in the banking and finance industry makes working with him so easy. My clients always get their questions answered fully and honestly. Loans and special assessments can be tough to navigate, but Matt makes the process so much easier. If your Association is looking to secure a loan, look no further!!! Contact Matt!

Jordan, Property Manager (Minnesota)

Matt has been instrumental in assisting my associations with securing the best rates and loans out there. His knowledge is remarkable and he is incredibly responsive. He truly has the best interest of my clients at heart. Board Members have tried to beat his rates and they simply just can't. Matt makes getting a loan simple which is refreshing.

Juliann, Property Manager (Minnesota)

Matt Gassen of HOA Capital was very helpful regarding a complex, major loan for a total sidewalk replacement our townhome association is considering - both in knowledge and timeliness. I have been involved with Gassen Management for 21 years (my time on the board) and have always been thankful for their professional work. Matt doesn't fall too far from the "Gassen Tree". You will be pleased to work with him.

Robert, Board Member (Minnesota)

Matt Gassen was very knowledgeable and helpful. He guided me through the process and proposed alternative funding options. He answered all my questions in a clear and concise manner. I'd highly recommend Matt and HOA Capital to any association who needs funding for special projects.

Dick, Board Member (Minnesota)

Working with HOA Capital is so easy and stress free. Matt is so knowledgeable about everything regarding securing a loan and knows how secure the best rates. The board was so impressed with his knowledge and expertise.

Rachel, Property Manager (Minnesota)

"When our Association was in need of lending for a large capital improvement project, as a Board, we were overwhelmed on where to start. Since the HOA was a non-profit, it didn't seem that the loan process would be as easy as a standard mortgage loan. Well, we found that we were quite wrong. With the help of Matt at HOA Capital, the process was quick, seamless and quite painless. Matt was readily available for our introductory call and not only understood our needs, but was able to give us some high-level information up front. After the approval for engagement, he was able to secure multiple bids for our loan within a week. Our Board acted quickly to secure the right fit for us and within a month, everything was approved. Matt's thoroughness and availability allowed us to meet the needs of our community in a timely and efficient manner."

Lisa, Board President (Arizona)

Matt Gassen was instrumental in assisting us with obtaining a construction loan for our condominium project. His expertise and professionalism provided many options to choose from, while answering our many questions.  Working with Matt was a wonderful experience as he guided us through the process ensuring that our loan was obtained quickly and our project could begin as soon as possible.     

Linda, Board President (Maryland)

Matt offered many options and helped us to navigate what was best for our community. Matt truly had our best interest at heart from the beginning and we are grateful. I am extremely surprised by how fast the loan was closed and funds issued. It's quite clear that your company is a leader in this industry!

Nate, Board Member (Maryland)

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