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Our Story  

Matt Gassen has grown up in the association property management industry, as his father Kirk Gassen, is the second generation owner of Gassen HOA Management. Matt Gassen started his career in commercial lending in 2010. After a decade of experience in this industry, he saw first hand how limited the resources are and how large the disconnect is between lenders and HOAs.


The HOA loan process is unlike any other loan process or application. Matt and Kirk made it a mission to consult and assist HOAs across the nation in need of loans for capital improvements. With Matt's decade of experience in commercial lending and Kirk's two decades of experience in association property management, HOA Capital is supported by experts in the industry. 


HOA Capital began with Matt's vision of helping HOA communities reach their full potential and has become an impactful solution for HOAs across America. HOA Capital synchronizes the entire loan process into a stress free way to fund your next large project. We use our large network of lenders to find the best fit for you because we know every HOA, every project, every requirement is unique in its own way. Whether you are a single family home in the Midwest, condominium on the east coast or a townhome on the west coast, HOA Capital is prepared to assist you reach your full potential and find your community a customizable loan.


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Matthew worked as a commercial lender and saw firsthand, the need for HOA Capital Improvement loans and the gap in the market. By October 2021, Matthew and Kirk collaborated on the idea and HOA Capital was officially incorporated. 

HOA Capital partnered with AppFolio in October to reach clients across the nation and expand their partnerships.

HOA Capital continues to expand its partnerships with industry leading property management companies.

To date, HOA Capital has reached associations in 21 of the 50 states and has access to lend to all 50 states.

In 2023, we also began a partnership with Vantaca, a community management software, with the goal to further reach HOAs in need of capital improvement funding.

Meet Co-Founder, Matthew Gassen

Photo shows Matt Gassen, co-founder of HOA Capital, smiling in front of a white background.

Our team is led by Matthew, who brings a decade of experience in commercial lending and a family that owns a successful HOA property management company, providing us with the insight necessary to provide associations with the resources they need in the ever-growing lack of options in the HOA lending market. Matt and Kirk launched HOA Capital because they saw that a majority of HOAs are underfunded, but through customizable loans from lenders across the nation, associations can improve their communities and living spaces efficiently and without large due increases or fees.  

Meet Consulting Associate, McKenna Luedke

Photo shows McKenna Luedke, Consulting Associate smiling in front of a white background.

McKenna joined the HOA Capital team in 2023 as a Consulting Associate. Before arriving at HOA Capital, her experience included several years in the banking industry, with a primary focus on consumer and commercial lending. This previous experience allows her to effectively communicate with banks to help find the best solution for each client’s needs. Today, McKenna works alongside Matt to help connect lenders and HOAs across the nation, in hopes of assisting communities with finding the resources necessary to make capital improvements. Outside of work, McKenna enjoys spending time with her friends, family and dog.  

Meet Consulting Associate, Rachael Rhodes

Rachael joined the HOA Capital team in April of 2024 as a Consulting Associate. Her experience includes several years in the customer service industry along with managing a medical clinic. She brings extensive customer service skills along with administrative skills, management skills, and exceptional communication skills. Her past experience will aid HOA Capital in client communications and engagement as well as supporting the company.  Rachael works alongside McKenna and Matt in connecting clients with lenders across the nation, in hopes of helping every client reach their financial and business goals. Outside of work Rachael enjoys spending time outside with her kids, husband, and family.


Meet Founder, Kirk Gassen

Kirk Gassen has been apart of the property management industry since his father founded Gassen HOA Management in 1969. He is the second generation owner of Gassen Company and has a passion for redefining association property management industry through client centric service. Prior to joining the Gassen team in 2004, Kirk was the Industrial Sales Manager at Monterey Mills in Janesville, Wisconsin from 1998-2004. During his tenure Kirk opened new markets in Canada and other manufacturing companies in the United States and Mexico. 

When Kirk and Matt addressed the lack of resources for HOAs regarding financing, they launched HOA Capital with the hope that it would assist HOAs across the nation to reach their full potential in regards to capital improvement projects. 

image shows HOA Capital Logo in dark blue and gray

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