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We are HOA Capital. Your Solution to HOA Loans.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

HOA Capital was co-founded by father-son duo after they realized the lack of available resources to HOA’s regarding lending. Matthew has a decade-long background in Commercial Lending combined with Kirk’s twenty plus years background in HOA Management they can provide a personalized, tailored approach to every client. HOA Capital synchronizes the entire loan process into a stress-free way to fund your HOA's next large project.

Co-Founder, Matt Gassen Founder, Kirk Gassen

We leverage our large network of lenders to find the best possible fit for you because we know that every HOA, every project, every situation is different. We offer 1:1 consultation for HOA Lending and guarantee consistent communication and a custom HOA Loan to fit your specific needs. The HOA loan process is unlike any other loan process or application. HOA Capital's mission is clear credit consulting to make this process palatable for boards, managers, and management companies. Our experience, lender relationships, and dedicated team of representatives helps make this a natural and stress-free process.

Consulting Associate, McKenna Luedke pictured here.
Consulting Associate, McKenna Luedke

We are operating in a volatile market, where inflation, construction margins and legislation have created a perfect storm. The Federal Reserve recently decided to pause the rate increases, but it is hard to say how long this pause will last. These rates have been increased in effort to combat the inflation within the economy Banks have also increased their lending rates as a direct result. Due to inflation, Contractors have had to adjust their pricing accordingly on labor and materials. Geographically, scheduling can play an important role while obtaining financing. This has made it imperative to be proactive on obtaining financing for projects as soon as possible so the best possible rate can be met within the market. Legislation in Florida,

California, and Maryland recently passed

that affects HOA’s requiring additional inspections and reserve studies being completed more frequently in order to more effectively budget for future projects and create a more stable reserve account. You can learn more at or contact the team today at 952-836-9593.

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